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It’s terrible and sad seeing many children and women suffering not only in Africa but all around the globe. The number of people being displaced by civil wars is alarming. These people can’t sustain life due to poverty and lack of opportunities. Many people back in Africa go to bed hungry; children have no education, no hope or future. They live and rely on whatever they come across.

Let you and I play a role in changing someone’s life today. Let us give hope to the hopeless.

To change the world is not an easy task, especially if you don’t have the financial means. Australia has been a blessing to some of us as we found opportunities that bettered our lives, so why not bless others? Now is the time to extend a helping hand and reach out to those in need. Together we can build a clinic that will save many lives. With your help we can build a school for orphans. The goal is to provide medical facilities, education, food and clean water for orphan children and the most vulnerable mothers in South Sudan. 

Please click below and support us so we can reach to those poor souls. We need your help.

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