About Us

Kanga Foundation is a Not-For-Profit organisation founded in 2012 by Andrew Paite Kanga. The foundation came to existence as a result of continued harmful economic systems, conflicts and environmental factors in Africa. After spending years in refugee camps in Africa before settling in Australia, the founder started this organisation as a way to support those left behind. The founder’s dream is to transform lives by reaching to the disadvantaged, encourage those who are going through problems of life, empower those who have lost hope and speak on behalf of the voiceless. With many communities remaining vulnerable and hopeless in Africa, the founder uses every opportunity in Australia to provide for the less privileged in South Sudan.

Our Mission

    – To advance social and public welfare of communities in Africa, mainly in South Sudan.

    – To raise awareness to the Australian public of the human rights plight of children in South Sudan.

    – To provide food for orphan children and disadvantaged mothers in South Sudan.